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Post Natal Physiotherapy

Information: We are open and available for in-practice appointments. To comply with social distancing guidelines, we are allowing 30-minutes maximum for face-to-face appointments.

The weeks and months following the birth of your baby can be a busy and exhausting time. While you are caring for your newborn, your body is trying to recover from the changes that occurred during pregnancy and birth. Because of this, you may experience:

  • Weakness in your tummy and pelvic floor muscles
  • Neck, back or pelvic pain
  • Trouble returning to exercise, particularly high impact exercise
  • Breast engorgement and/or mastitis.

At Fitwise, we can help. Our tailored exercise classes or individual physiotherapy consultations can help you achieve your goals and leave you feeling fit, healthy and ready to meet the demands of a growing baby.

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Did you know physiotherapy can help in the treatment and management of mastitis? Therapeutic ultrasound may assist in reducing the inflammatory symptoms, such as redness, swelling and tenderness often associated with mastitis/engorgement.

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Returning to Running

Many women are keen to get back to running after having a baby. Running is high impact and can place stress and strain on your healing tummy and pelvic floor muscles. Remember, there are also a number of other factors to considerwhen returning to running such as breast support, joint protection and hormonal changes. We suggest you wait at least 12 weeks after having your baby before returning to running and only do so in consultation with your physiotherapist.

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Tummy Muscle Rehabilitation

After having a baby, your tummy muscles might feel stretched and weak. It is important to rehabilitate your tummy muscles correctly. Sit ups and/or curls can be injurious to your healing tummy/pelvic floor muscles and your vulnerable lower back so focusing your attention on the core muscles may be more beneficial.

FitwisePhysios can do a ‘tummy check’ and help you choose the right sort of exercise to benefit you the most.

Clinical Physio Class can also assist. In a closely supervised environment, Clinical Physio Class here at Fitwise will help strengthen your tummy and pelvic floor muscles, improve your core control, optimize flexibility and most importantly, minimize strain on your back and pelvis. "Read more about Clinical Physio Class..."

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Pelvic Girdle Pain

Women with PGP are often told, “Having the baby is the cure”. However, the cure is not immediate, and requires some work on your part to achieve. Read More...

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

At Fitwise Physiotherapy we understand that pelvic floor problems can interrupt your ability to enjoy a full active life. Fitwise Physiotherapists ensure private and respectful management solutions are provided for your individual needs. Read More...


Classes at Fitwise Physiotherapy aim to help you achieve your health, wellbeing and fitness goals, regardless of what life stage you are in. There are various options to choose from to suit you and your goals/needs.


P40 is our 40 minute Circuit Class specially designed for Pregnant and Post Natal Mum's to improve your core, fitness and strength.  Read more...

Clinical Physio Class

After you have had a baby, whether by vaginal delivery or caesarian section, your body requires help to become strong again. Your core muscles require particular attention, having been stretched by your growing baby when pregnant. Clinical Physio Class is the perfect exercise to “get your body back” and create the strong foundation you need for being a busy mum! Read more...

Remedial Massage Therapy

Massage therapy supports your physical and emotional well being, reducing stress while boosting circulation, immunity, and muscle recovery.  Regular massage can be a nurturing way to support recovery and maintain a balanced lifestyle. Read more......