Physiotherapy And Cancer Rehabilitation

PINC | Physiotherapy And Cancer Rehabilitation

How can physiotherapy assist cancer rehabilitation?

At Fitwise Physiotherapy, we are proud to have certified PINC cancer rehabilitation physiotherapists and lymphoedema practitioners. Along with the best quality medical treatment, we advocate that physical rehabilitation is a very important part of cancer care. In saying that, our PINC physiotherapists understand that one size does not fit all, every person’s journey through recovery is different, even those diagnosed with the same type and stage. That is why individualised care is essential and working with a physiotherapist can be very beneficial.  All types of cancer treatment and cancer itself has an impact on the body. Our role as physiotherapists will be to advise on what can be done to overcome the effects to help maximize recovery and overall well-being.

How does our PINC rehabilitation program work?

You start with a 40-minute initial consultation with one of our PINC physiotherapists. This consult will include a detailed assessment and goal setting session. This information helps form the structure of your rehabilitation program.

You are welcome to approach us at any stage of your cancer management, for ease, we have broken it down into 3 stages:

Post-Surgery Phase:

Post-surgery management involves using our skills in manual therapy and exercise prescription to restore normal range of motion.

Treatment Phase:

During chemotherapy, radiotherapy and at the conclusion of these treatments, we are focused on prescribing an appropriate dosage of exercise that assists in improving energy, mood, strength and endurance.

Fitness Phase:

We are aware that the effects of cancer treatments often outlive the period of receiving treatment and can then result in other health issues.  The third stage of management is a fitness stage, where we promote exercise as an integrated part of your lifestyle. We offer group and 1:1 exercise session’s that will help guide you back to fitness. All group sessions are run by PINC physiotherapists and you work off your prescribed, individual program that has been written based on your initial assessment.

If you or someone you love is going through cancer treatment and working with a physiotherapist is of interest, we’d be delighted to help you. Speak to your specialist or GP about the PINC program or call our rooms on 9822 4999 (Armadale) 9486 0512 (East Melbourne) to speak with our friendly team.

For more information about the PINC program, please visit their website HERE

Before signing off, we will mention that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – to donate or participate, you can view their website HERE

Dennise Smith
Senior Physiotherapist (Certified PINC Physiotherapist) 
Consulting at our East Melbourne and Armadale practice



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Our Values

Our values are the basis of everything we do at Fitwise.

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This is evident with the service we provide, the environment in which we provide it, the way in which we operate as a team and how we care for and value our clients, referral partners and ourselves; we live the Fitwise values every day.

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Our Story

In 2004, Gen McGlashan and Libby Oldfield founded Fitwise Physiotherapy. They first met in 1994.  Libby was Gen’s physio when she had her first child. Gen then worked for Libby for 10 years in Libby’s previous business, located at the Epworth Freemasons Maternity Unit in East Melbourne. They have been a team working together for a very long time!!

Libby and Gen have always had a passion for empowering women, by helping provide accurate evidence based information and treatment to help women live their best lives. Excellence in all that they do, practising and operating in an innovative way has always been their core. Fitwise was the first multi-practitioner practice providing Women’s Health physiotherapy consultations, exercise classes and clinical pilates in Melbourne.

Gen and Libby

In February 2005 Gen and Libby moved their one room practice to Albert St East Melbourne. They had expanded to 2 treatment rooms, an exercise studio and a pilates studio with a small team of physiotherapists and one receptionist. This was exciting as they wanted to be able to help more people and to grow their team – enabling their other passion: teaching and mentoring clinicians who also wanted to work within the Women’s, Men’s and Pelvic Health arena.

5 years later, they expanded their East Melbourne clinic and in 2015 opened their second clinic in Armadale.

Remedial Massage, Myotherapy and Dietetics have been an exciting addition in recent years, with Podiatry and Exercise Physiology being added in 2022.

Fitwise Physiotherapy | Armadale

The Fitwise team has now grown to include 18 amazing practitioners and 12 wonderful administrative team members and is still growing!

Libby and Gen have always loved providing a holistic service, treating a variety of conditions in consultations and providing exercise appropriate for different life stages. The community of clients that are part of the Fitwise family, (some who have been part of the journey from the very beginning – over 17 years ago), are the biggest reason they do what they do. For Gen and Libby, it is a privilege to be part of these wonderful people’s lives.