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Health for 50+

As we get older, we notice our bodies changing. We need to work harder at weight management and keeping fit. This time in our lives also comes with extra challenges in exercising and moving safely. Older bodies need care in choosing correct exercise techniques, the right type of exercise and also minimising the risk of injury.

Fitwise has a long history of helping women and men over 50 exercise safely and appropriately enabling them to continue their active lifestyles

Our up to date knowledge and attention to every aspect of your physical health is our main focus with individual fitness plans, group classes and information sessions available.

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Physical Solutions for Menopause

Menopause is officially when your body stops producing oestrogen, but there is a lead time of several years when the oestrogen levels will vary widely prior to this. Most of the symptoms occur due to this loss of oestrogen.

We know now from all the research that exercise makes a big difference in helping manage: -
  • Mood changes
  • Hot flushes
  • Generalised aches and pains
  • Strong bones
  • Bladder or bowel issues

Fitwise physios are all well trained in understanding menopause signs and symptoms and can offer physical solutions to suit your goals.

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This is the most common complaint in midlife women. This form of arthritis mostly results from “wear and tear” over our lifetime. Whilst exercise does not affect the bone changes, strong muscles around the affected joints offer stability,support and flexibility and therefore ease joint pain and improve mobility.

At Fitwise we can assess your joint range and muscle strength, then develop an exercise program to maximise your physical health.

More Information on arthritis available at

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Our bones are living things. We lose and replace millions of bone cells every day. This process needs our hormones to make it happen properly so after menopause in women and more gradually in men, we start to make less bone cells than we lose each day. Our bones then become more brittle and are easier to break. Increasing your Calcium and Vit D intake can help normalise this process. Exercise also plays a big part in helping to prevent and manage osteoporosis.

Exercise for osteoporosis needs to be specific. Muscles and bones need to be challenged regularly to strengthen them. Weight bearing or resistance / strength training exercises are the best.

Brittle bones break more easily so preventing falls is a major focus.

At Fitwise, we make sure that your body is ready for the increased challenges of these exercises to keep you injury free and doing the things you love.

We offer

  • individual resistance training home programs
  • group classes

More information on Osteoporosis available at

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Balance and Falls Prevention
Balance and Falls Prevention

Strong leg muscles and practising some balance tasks daily help prevent falls (an occupational hazard of getting older.)

After the age of 35 we start to depend more on our eyesight to help maintain our balance. Good health (physical and mental) is also essential to prevent falls.

The physios at Fitwise can help assess your current balance status, design exercises to improve your skills and strengthen your leg muscles. We can also help you assess your home for potential fall hazards.

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Bladder and Bowel Continence

At Fitwise Physiotherapy we understand that pelvic floor problems can interrupt your ability to enjoy a full active life. Fitwise Physiotherapists ensure private and respectful management solutions are provided for your individual needs.

A full assessment will be done to determine your pelvic floor requirements, and a management plan will be provided to achieve your goals in agreed time frames. Read More...


Strengthwise is a group fitness class designed to meet the specific needs of older women. Strengthwise classes focus on resistance training to help improve muscle and bone strength, as well as increase balance, mobility and flexibility. Read More...

Clinical Physio Class
Clinical Pilates

As we age our bodies require more maintenance to operate well. One of the vital areas often neglected is core strength. Read More...

Remedial Massage Therapy

Massage therapy supports your physical and emotional well being, reducing stress while boosting circulation, immunity, and muscle recovery.  Regular massage can be a nurturing way to support recovery and maintain a balanced lifestyle. Read more......