Exercise Classes

Exercise is highly beneficial for everybody and is particularly important as you move through life’s crucial stages - pregnancy, motherhood and the senior years.

Benefits of exercise include:

  • Improved muscle strength,
  • Improved heart and lung health,
  • Diabetes management (including gestational diabetes),
  • Improved mood and reduced stress,
  • Improved bone strength,
  • Weight control.

Classes at Fitwise Physiotherapy aim to help you achieve your health, wellbeing and fitness goals, regardless of what life stage you are in. There are various options to choose from to suit you and your goals/needs.

Benefits of exercise include
Strengthwise (50+)
Some of the conditions

Strengthwise is a group fitness class designed to meet the specific needs of older women. Strengthwise classes focus on resistance training to help improve muscle and bonestrength, as well as increase balance, mobility and flexibility. All equipment used in the classes is provided.

The classes are conducted by Women’s Health Physiotherapists with expertise in exercise for older women so you can be sure that the exercises will be modified, if need be, to suit your individual needs and fitness level.

Some of the conditions that are targeted in the classes include:
  • Osteoporosis and osteopenia
  • pelvic floor and continence management
  • falls prevention and balance
  • muscle and joint strength

If you would like assistance in managing any of these conditions and joining this class, contact Reception to make an appointment for your introduction consultation.

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Recreate (Post-natal Class)
Some of the conditions

Recreate is our post-natal class designed to help you get your pre-pregnancy strength and fitness back. It is designed specificallyfor women who have recently given birth, and is instructed by a Women’s Health Physiotherapist.

Recreate will help:
  • Improve general fitness,
  • Increase strength and endurance,
  • Build “core” strength and pelvic floor function,
  • Improve posture,
  • Increase flexibility
  • Elevate energy levels

“Recreate” classes are an excellent intermediate step between having your baby and resuming the exercise you enjoyed prior to pregnancy. You can commence classes from 3 weeks after your baby is born. You are very welcome to bring your baby or toddler to our classes and join the other like-minded mothers in a safe and supervised space.

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Pregnancy Spin Pilates (PSP)
Pregnancy Spin Pilates (PSP)

PSP is a class designed specifically for you during pregnancy. The class is a combined class incorporating cardio on the stationary bikes plus resistance and Pilates exercises for all-round fitness and toning. We use weights, fitballs and bands to improve your overall muscle tone and target your deep abdominal core and pelvic floor muscles.

Our classes are designed to be safe for pregnancy and its associated conditions, including pelvic girdle pain (pelvic instability) and gestational diabetes. Our classes allow you to control the intensity you work at meaning you are able to target your fitness level.

Some benefits of appropriate exercise during pregnancy:
  • Improved energy levels and sense of well being
  • Decreased aches and pains
  • Improved ‘fitness’ for the physical demands of labour
  • Faster post natal recovery

Our physiotherapists are very knowledgeable in the changes that occur in your body during pregnancy and motherhood, so the classes can be modified individually to suit your needs.

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Fitness (Reformer) Pilates

Fitness Pilates is a form of exercise using spring loaded equipment (reformer machines) to improve your body awareness, flexibility, strength, endurance, tone and balance.

Our classes focus on your core stability muscles such as your deep abdominals, pelvic floor, hip, glut, shoulder and back muscles that act as support to your spine and pelvis.

Increasing your core strength can improve your function in sports or activities, decrease your back or neck pain and improve your posture.

Our classes have a maximum of eight people, allowing for individual attention and you will leave the class feeling longer and stronger. These classes are for people with no current injuries or issues and are looking for a great work-out.

HIIT plus Fitness Pilates

HIIT plus Fitness Pilates is a time efficient session for cardio and core. A fantastic 1 hour class which includes 30 minutes of high intensity interval traing on a spin bike for maximum fitness reward plus 30 minutes of reformer pilates for a great core workpout.

Clinical Yoga

A yoga class suitable for all fitness levels, focusing on abdominal and pelvic floor strengthening with a breakdown of common yoga poses and alignment. Classes are designed and instructed by physiotherapists.

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a fantastic way to maximize your general wellbeing. Everyone, regardless of age or ability can benefit from Clinical Pilates, improving their core strength. Clinical Pilates also complements every exercise program, whether you are an elite marathon runner, a recreational walker, or are tentatively commencing exercise! Read More...