Vaccination policy

Vaccination policy

Vaccination policy

Fitwise Vaccination Policy from October 26th 2021

We are excited with the rest of Melbourne to be opening up and able to offer you care

without restrictions.

All our team are double vaccinated, and due to the vulnerability of some of our clients, we

are asking that our clients are also vaccinated.

To keep our team and clients safe, we are asking that all clients please show their

vaccination certificate to verify their vaccination status on arrival to our friendly admin


As per the advice of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, vaccination will be required

to attend all group classes.

For those who choose not to be vaccinated or are unable to be vaccinated, you will still be

able to attend all 1:1 consultations, including 1:1 Clinical Physio/Clinical Pilates, however

you will be required to have a rapid antigen test prior to entering the practice:

• we ask that you arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment

• you will be given a TGA approved saliva rapid antigen test to complete outside the


• this involves having the test in your mouth for 2 minutes, and then takes 15 minutes

to process the result

• having tested negative for Covid-19, you will then be able to attend your appointment as


• the cost of this test is $20 which will be added to your account for that days service

Alternatively, there is the option to have a telehealth appointment.

We thank you for your understanding, and for your efforts to ensure our Fitwise Community

stays safe.

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