Fitwise is going PINK!

Fitwise is going PINK!

What is Sleepbus?

Sleepbus converts buses into safe, temporary overnight accommodation to get people off the street by offering an immediate, first stop, cost-effective solution for our society's most vulnerable people; catching them early until they can get back on their feet.

Each sleepbus provides 22 secure, climate controlled, individual sleep pods with a lockable door, under bus storage, pet pods for companion animals onboard, overnight security person and monitored CCTV surveillance. One sleepbus can provide up to 8,030 safe sleeps per year.

*Image of their current service.

Sleepbus has recently launched a new campaign, raising money to build a new service called sleepbus - pink

With the dramatic increase in women (and their children) ending up on the streets due to domestic violence, financial strife, family breakdown and other factors, sleepbus is building a “pink” sleepbus - a service specifically for women (and their children). It’s not ok to let women and children sleep on the street and that’s why, with your help, we are doing something about it.

Although the traditional service can cater for both male and female guests of all ages, there is a need for women, particularly from domestic violence situations to be in a female only environment for their own peace of mind and mental health. Sleepbus recognises this and because the model can adapt quickly to meet the needs of people forced onto the street, a pink sleepbus was a no brainer.

The service remains the same in every other detail to the traditional service, just for women only. In the hope that this will make our female guests even more comfortable while they work out their next steps.

How you can help...

For the month of June, we will be donating $1 for every consult, initial and ongoing booked at Fitwise Physiotherapy. If our clients wish to donate, they can do so via our fundraising link or at reception

To donate, CLICK HERE
For more information, CLICK HERE

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