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Pregnancy and Post Natal

Women's Health Week: Exercise in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting but nerve-wracking times in any woman’s life. One of the most common reasons that women see us at Fitwise is to get inf...
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World Breastfeeding Week

World Breastfeeding Week Breastmilk is a biologically active living fluid. It contains easily digestible nutrients for health and growth and has the ability ...
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Return to Running Post Baby

Return to running post baby... So, you have just had a baby and you are about to put on your runners and hit the pavement. Is there anything that you would l...
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What’s the deal with Mastitis?

What’s the deal with Mastitis? Mastitis is a condition that involves the inflammation of breast tissue that may or may not stem from an infection. For many y...
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Urinary Tract Infections – does cranberry juice or supplements make a difference?

We often hear that drinking cranberry juice or taking hig...
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The Birthing Kit Foundation

You can help save mothers and babies Around 300,000 women...
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What Does 5 Serves of Veggies Look Like?

5 serves you say? So what is a serve? I often have client...
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