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When Do I Seek Help From a Child Continence Physiotherapist?

Kids learn to control their bowel and bladder at varying speeds. We should encourage kids to learn at their own pace so that they develop healthy habits from...
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Sexual Pain/Dyspareunia

Painful sex is common, with 20.3% of women indicating they have experienced pain during sexual intercourse according to The Australian Study of Hea...
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Urinary Tract Infections and Cranberry Juice

Does cranberry juice really make a difference?We often hear that drinking cranberry juice or taking high strength cranberry products will help support urinar...
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Return to Running Post Baby

So, you have just had a baby and you are about to put on your runners and hit the pavement. Is there anything that you would like to know before you start? A...
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Healthy Bones at Every Age

A big part of the healthy bones puzzle is our diet. We k...
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Is a home exercise program right for me?

Is a home exercise program right for me? With the use of ...
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Guide to Injury Prevention

In Victoria, many of us avid group exercisers, keen gym g...
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