Birthwise | Fitwise Physiotherapy


Childbirth is an exhilarating yet physically and emotionally challenging experience.

So be “birthwise “ and, as part of your labour preparation, spend a dedicated hour exploring and rehearsing in a very practical way with our experienced educators.

This hour long session will boost your confidence and resourcefulness for your special day. Come and equip yourself with the essentials.

The 1 hour consult involves:

  • Relaxation that specifically targets the inevitable adrenalin response
  • Positions for comfort that work also for gravity and power
  • Breathing that equips you to “ride those waves” - variable but useable
  • Distractions such as movement / rocking / music / heat / TENS
  • Partner support- ways for those supporting a labouring woman to massage, to hold and to counterpressure the specific hot spots; and to affirm a constant presence through voice and touch
  • Optimal positions and best mechanics for pushing your baby out

This consult is appropriate for subsequent pregnancies also, especially as each pregnancy is unique. Refresh your memory on the essential information, birthing skills and prepare yourself for this delivery.

TENS for labour

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a small device that produces light electrical current across your skin which feels like a tingling sensation. The brain focuses on this feeling rather than the pain coming from other parts of your body, such as your contractions, so many women have found TENS to be an effective pain-relief method during labour.

FreeMOM® labour TENS machines are available for hire through Fitwise. Additionally, our physiotherapists can assist you in learning how best to use the machine to help you get the most out of it during labour.